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Marriott Caribbean Resorts

Chase Sun-Kissed Tranquility

As idyllic and imaginative as your dreams would lead you to believe, the Caribbean feels a million miles away from every worry with its scenic settings and go-as-slow-as-you’d-like ambiance. Welcome to an opportunity to chase pure sun-kissed tranquility.

Featured Countries

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View of old spanish structure El Morro
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Take a generous helping of Dutch colonial architecture, mix in a few cups of rich African culture, add several dashes of Spanish and Portuguese spice, and then blend it all together. Finally, serve the hearty mixture atop a gorgeous bed of Caribbean tropical beauty.


Diverse in its culture, landscapes, and possibilities, Aruba is a haven for sun-seekers and off-the-grid explorers alike.

Puerto Rico

From the pastel-shaded architectural masterpieces of Old San Juan to the sweeping scenery and celebrated museums of Ponce, Puerto Rico uncovers centuries of history at every turn.

Cayman Islands

The exotic Caribbean gem, Grand Cayman will soon welcome you into its magical charm. Get ready to take a dip into its turquoise waters and bask in the warm sun of the Caribbean for your next getaway.

Itinerary Essentials

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