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Central & South America

Marriott Central & South American Resorts

Encounter The Awe-Inspiring

Defined by its deeply-rooted traditions, abundance of natural beauty, and wealth of mystifying attractions, Central & South America reveals awe-inspiring backdrops perfect for those seeking out truly enthralling experiences.

Featured Countries

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Costa Rica

Beloved for its lush, teeming rainforests, untouched stretches of sand, and thrilling expeditions, Costa Rica captivates the souls of those who encounter its embrace.


Experience the intersection of past and present—breathtaking natural beauty and stunning modern marvels—in one of Central & South America's most diverse destinations.


With so many breathtaking sights to see, from the Rainbow Mountains, Colca Canyon, and Machu Picchu to all that awaits in the Amazon jungle, Peru is truly where the unforgettable begins.


Discover the best things that Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo & Porto Alegre has to offer. Breathtaking views, soft sand beaches, a vibrant nightlife and much more can be part of your Carioca experience.

Itinerary Essentials

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