St. Kitts Travel Overview

In 1493, Columbus spied an island shrouded in mist-and its secrets have seduced explorers ever since. With sun-drenched days, pristine beaches and locals as sweet as sugarcane, a St. Kitts resort vacation offers modern voyagers the perfect tropical/Caribbean paradise-with a splash of the unexpected. St. Kitts is an unspoiled landscape that speaks to a simple but satisfying way to live. Journey to a quiet corner of the world and find Paradise.

Visit St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino

St. Kitts Travel Map
St. Kitts at a Glance Location: Eastern Caribbean in the northern Leeward Islands, 19° north of the equator and 1,600 miles from New York Size: 68 square miles (23 miles long by 5 miles wide) Climate: Averages 80° daily, with low humidity, constant trade winds and less than 55 inches of rain annually Language: English, with a charming West Indian inflection Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar, though U.S. dollars and major credit cards accepted most everywhere

Passport Information For information about entry requirements for St. Kitts, visit http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html.

Beaches Ranging from black to white sands, the beaches of St. Kitts are as unique as they are beautiful. Visit Cockleshell Bay or South Friar's Bay for powder-white sands and a setting perfect for swimming and waterskiing. Or go snorkeling at White House Bay, where a rainbow of multicolored fish swim around a sunken tugboat.


Indulge in the island-style dishes and be sure to try eating sugar directly from the cane while you're in St. Kitts. The juicy reeds are best paired with a glass of rum. From seafood with West Indian curry or goat stew with vegetables and dumplings, you're bound to enjoy something new.


Treat your body, mind and spirit to a wide range of spa services at the Emerald Mist Spa at St. Kitts Marriott Resort. Along with eight treatment rooms, the spa also has a full-service salon - just in case you want to freshen up before an island-style dinner at one of St. Kitts' charming restaurants.


The Royal St. Kitts Golf club is one of the most recognized golf courses in the Caribbean. Right next door to the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino, this golf course provides plenty of excitement for any golfer. 6,900 yards from the championship tees, the course plays as an 18-hole, par 71. There are also water hazards on 10 holes and four sets of tee complexes that give golfers of all skill levels an exciting yet challenging golf experience.

Redesigned by Thomas McBroom, the beautiful golf course features 10 water hazards and plenty of excitement for any golfer. Caribelle Batik At the center of St. Kitts' distinctive style is Caribelle Batik - Sea Island cotton clothing designed with ancient Indonesian artistry. Romney Manor's own Yvette demonstrates how she uses hotwax and dyes to create wearable artwork. Catamaran Cruise Welcome aboard your private luxury vessel, the "Swaliga," for an afternoon sail between St. Kitts and her stunning sister-island, Nevis. Kittitian Sweetness The Kittitian people are as unpretentious as the Paradise they live in - always eager to offer a stalk of sugarcane or their intimate knowledge of the land, it's colorful history and its people.

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