Where to Get the Best Tacos in Cancun

WRITTEN BY: Spencer Spellman

You would think that in the way that Seattle is to coffee that Cancun is to tacos; that you'd find a taco shop on every corner. However, that's not exactly the case, especially if you're staying in the hotel zone, which is where the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is located. Nonetheless, on my most recent trip to Cancun, I made it my mission to find the best tacos. Here is what I found.


Now this is what I expect from a taqueria in Mexico. The sight: A no-frills, open-air taco shop. The smell: The pleasing aroma of grilled seafood. The sound: Latin music filling the air from musicians on guitars and drums. What I particularly loved: The plethora of salsa and topping options (like lime, onions, and cilantro) that come with the tacos. You probably can't go wrong with any of their tacos, but some standouts included the shrimp and fish. Tacun is located across from Flamingo Plaza in downtown Cancun.
Tacos Rigo

When on my search for the best tacos in Cancun, I was looking for three things: Cheap, authentic, and non-touristy; the third of which isn't so easy to come by in a destination like Cancun. Yet I found all of those things at Taco Rigo. Here you can graduate from the staple tacos to items like al pastor (pork) and arrachera (skirt steak), though there is a long menu of other options, including chicken, and some more "exotic" options, like beef tongue. Best of all, you'll get out of there for less than $5. And that's with a beer! It, too, is located in downtown Cancun.

Tacos Caminero

If you want a no-frills, authentic-feeling taco joint, then go to Tacun and Tacos Rigo, but if you want something a little bit more modern and appealing to families, then Tacos Caminero is your place. Located in the Hotel Zone at KM 9.5, Tacos Caminero has an extensive menu from burritos to quesadillas to fajitas to, of course, tacos. Some of their standout tacos include chicken, chorizo, and pastor, though there are many more meat (and veggie) options. For large groups or families, the more tacos you order, the more you save. Some of Caminero's recent specials include an order of 9 tacos for $94 (pesos). For those keeping track at home, that's less than a dollar per taco!

Spencer Spellman
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