A Jam-Packed Itinerary at Aquaworld

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Just a few minutes' walk from CasaMagna Marriot Cancun Resort in Quintana Roo is Aquaworld, which offers tours, equipment rentals and lessons for just about anything you could want to do on the water: snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, parasailing and Jet-Skiing, and features dolphin encounters, an underwater museum and lots more. There's so much to do you could never do it all in one day, but it's definitely worth taking at least a day to cover as much as you can.

Start your day with some of the friendliest creatures in the sea as you swim with dolphins in an interactive program. You'll learn all about dolphin behavior and get to spend some playtime in the water with them. They'll come right up to you for petting, and they'll even try to steal the occasional kiss. The program lasts about an hour, but half-day and full-day programs are also available.
Once you've had your time with the dolphins, you can pretend to be one as you explore the underwater museum, MUSA. Hundreds of statues and sculptures have been placed on the sea floor for you to check out and swim through. All the statues are eco-friendly; their surface allows coral to grow on them and gives sea creatures safe places to hide. You can explore the museum with scuba equipment or by snorkeling if you're not scuba certified.

Get your adrenaline going in the afternoon on the Aquatwister, a 20-person speedboat cruise around Cancun. Be prepared to get wet though, as you'll be fishtailing and spinning at high speeds. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Spend the rest of the day relaxing with a guided fishing trip. The waters around Cancun are home to hundreds of species of fish, with opportunities for deep-sea sport fishing. If you've got the skill, catch yourself some dinner - or at least a good fish story.


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