5 Secrets to Planning the Ultimate Honeymoon in Mexico

WRITTEN BY: Paradise by Marriott

It's no secret that your honeymoon will be one of the most important and meaningful trips you take as a married couple. So how can you plan to make it fun, romantic, and truly unforgettable? Marriott Resorts in Mexico is ready to dish with five helpful tips to keep in mind when planning the ultimate Mexican honeymoon.

Plan ahead. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so do yourself and your beloved a favor by putting together your honeymoon itinerary early so you can fully unwind and enjoy this special trip together. It's one of the best wedding gifts you'll give yourself. Start dreaming of where you want to go and book your flights and accommodations at least six to nine months in advance. Then, you won't have to worry about availability at your preferred resort if you book at the last minute.
Destination romance. So you've decided to honeymoon in Mexico, a country known for not only its warm, sunny beaches but also its warm hospitality, its rich history, and its abundance of natural and cultural attractions. There really is something for every couple! If one wants to lie around on sugar-soft sands and sip margaritas all day and the other wants to zip-line through a jungle, Mexico offers newly wedded couples plentiful opportunity to practice the art of compromise - only in Mexico, everyone wins.

Viva variety. The most romantic vacation should feature a wide variety of activities for optimal memory-making, but balancing energetic activity with relaxing downtime can really ramp up the romance. Do your relaxation research ahead of time, and mix it up to make it memorable. Go for a dreamy couples' massage in the on-site spa, but pair that with a friendly game of golf or a day hike to a famous local landmark. And many resorts offer activities you might not find elsewhere, like scuba diving certification or special tastings of tequila made from blue agave plants grown right on property - did you know that trying something new together can serve as an aphrodisiac?

Action, packed. Once you've chosen your resort and picked out some fun activities to enjoy, it's time to pack those bags. Honeymoon planning protip: pack them well ahead of time - at least several days before your departure - so you're not scrambling at the last minute. Swimsuits are no-brainer items, as are athletic shoes. For a fun game, give each other a list of mandatory items and see what your partner packs for you!
Treat yourself. It's your honeymoon, and you have permission to indulge in all your favorite dishes, spicy and mild. Your options are deliciously diverse, so try as many things as you can and save room for dessert! Try dining with a side of entertainment at Mikado's teppanyaki tables at CasaMagna Marriott Cancun, where the chef artfully prepares your plates right in front of you. But if you're tempted to stay in your suite for dinner, moments like these are exactly why room service was invented.

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