5 Adventurous Cancun Excursions

WRITTEN BY: Nadine Sykora

Cancun might have a bit of a reputation for partying and nightlife, but rest assured, adventure seekers; there is more to do than just beaches and bars. For those travelers heading to Cancun and looking for activities and things to do outdoors, there is plenty to be had in terms of adventure. Here are just a few:

Swimming with whale sharks: This is a seasonal activity that Cancun is known for. Whale Sharks are neither whales nor sharks, but instead, large feeder fish that graze along the top of the ocean eating small fish and plankton (think of them like giant sea cows). Because they move so slowly, visitors are able to jump into the water and swim alongside them. Word to the wise; this isn't a leisurely swim. You will be swimming hard and fast to try to keep up with their "casual pace". However, if you do jump into the water with them, you are almost guaranteed one awesome selfie.

Scuba diving: It's no secret that there are plenty of tropical fish, coral reefs, and diverse marine life to experience for divers of all abilities in Cancun. That's right; you can take a beginner scuba diving course. Better yet, if you have a few days, register for a PADI Open Water certification course so you can do some of the more advanced dives in the area. Of course if you already have your certification, then it's time to go exploring!

Cenotes: Cenotes are very unique to the Yucatan Peninsula and are a geological treat in Cancun. Cenotes are giant sinkholes that were formed when the roofs of underground rivers collapsed. There are hundreds all over the region of various size and depth. Several of these have been built into swimming holes with locker rooms and bathrooms right around the corner. Even better, if you hold your PADI Open Water Diving Certificate, you can go scuba diving in the cenotes, an utterly breathtaking experience. Swimming throughout the halocline, the place where the salt water and fresh water collide, is a slightly frightening and also magical moment. This is due to the blurry effect caused by the collision of the two different density waters. Very cool! Also, since you aren't going too deep, and the cenotes are open up top, you aren't required to have your cave diving certification.

Zip lining: Nothing describes "thrilling" more accurately than zip lining. Where else can you literally zip hundreds of feet over the tree tops of the jungle at 25-30 miles an hour? Zip lining might is scary at first, but as soon as you take your first leap from the treetops, you'll experience true exhilaration and will be sad when it's over.

Jungle temples: While temples in general can seem very boring, places that are hidden deeper in the jungle, such as the ancient city of Coba, have a little extra adventure element attached to them. One way to explore is by bike hires. At first, they may try to sell you a ride on the back of their bike, but honestly, the road is flat and very straightforward to navigate. My advice? Hire one and have fun biking down the path yourself. Where to? To the top of the tallest Mayan temple in the Yucatan Peninsula, Ixmoja Pyramid. It's a bit of a climb, but the views are so worth it.
These are just a few of the many adventure activities to do in Cancun and in the surrounding areas. Of course if you are looking for more, the activities and guest services desk at the hotel or resort you are staying at, such as the JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa, will have a wealth of knowledge on activities for you to do during your stay.

So ask away and go for an adventure! Seriously, you might even need a vacation afterwards.

Nadine Sykora
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